Rubber Authority of Thailand (ROAT) accelerates the distribution of coupons to buy tires in responding to “Shopping for the Nation” campaign


Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT) is ready to respond to “Shopping for the Nation” campaign. It disclosed that many companies already made their steps to get coupons for buying rubber products. People can get a tax reduction of up to 15,000 Baht, starting immediately until 16th January next year

On 15th December, Mr. Nakorn Tangavirapat – Deputy Governor of the RAOT on Rubber Industry and Rubber Production, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives disclosed that the Cabinet approved “Shopping for the Nation” campaign with a view to stimulating economic growth. Three (3) categories of product under the campaign are book, OTOP and domestically built tires. People who buy these products are eligible to receive income tax reduction for 15,000 Baht in maximum. Regarding tires for car, people can receive that right immediately when they buy them from any representative agencies or shops having the reference coupon issued by the RAOT. This coupon is allocated to any tire producers who purchase raw rubber from the RAOT. The latest data on 14th December 2018 unveiled a list of companies agreed to purchase raw materials from the RAOT to produce tires such as IRS Company, Maxi Company, N.D Rubber Company, Deastone Company and Otani Radial Company In case that other companies interested in buying rubber raw materials from the RAOT in order to produce tires, they must bring the receipts or purchasing contracts made with the Farmer Institutes and present them at the RAOT to obtain a coupon “Shopping for the Nation”. And then the coupons can be distributed to the companies or stores selling tires. The said companies must make public announcement to let people know which stores are participating in this program.

Moreover, Mr. Nakorn added that people who buy tires and want to gain tax reduction must have a complete Tax Invoice and reference coupon issues by the RAOT as reference. People can apply for tax reduction within the year of purchase. If you buy during that year, you can be able to gain tax reduction within the same year. The purchase of products starts on 15th December 2018 till 16th January 2019 for one month duration.

Date published 18/12/2018     Translation courtesy of Thailand Office of Agricultural Affairs, Jakarta

Source on 15 December 2018