Rural Roads Dept aims to use 20,262 tons of raw latex for road construction in 2018


The Department of Rural Roads has been recently using more rubber for road construction and maintenance, in line with the government’s measure to improve rubber prices in the long term. The Director-General of the Department of Rural Roads, Mr. Pisak Jitviriyavasin, said the government has a policy to promote the use of latex in building roads, as it would improve the quality of life of farmers. He further elaborated that the Department has been conducting a research and development to make a better use of latex in various road construction and maintenance projects.

For the year 2018, the Department of Rural Roads has used 10,202 tons of latex for construction, road safety measures and maintain roads surface to remain intact. Moreover, the Department will seek and additional budget to increase the amount of latex used by 10,060 tons. The Department will also use a total of 20,262 tons of raw latex for 1,340 road maintenance and construction projects in 2018. The use of latex will allow roads to support and withstand more weight and have a higher quality and friction for better road safety while also prevent road slippery. Using latex also helps rubber farmers and stabilized rubber prices in the country.

Source: Daily News 2/2/2018