Thai Ministry of Agriculture May Orders 3 Million Rai of Rubber Plantations to Stop Tapping for 3 Months


On February 22, 2018 Thai Minister of Agriculture, Grisada Boonrach, said that Ministry of Agriculture plans to order 3 million rai of rubber plantations to stop tapping for 3 months across the country. Planned period is from May-July this year. With the consent of the relevant departments, the Ministry of Agriculture plans to allocate 13.5 billion baht to make up for these three months. The economic loss of rubber farmers, at a price of 37 baht per kilogram, is estimated at 1500 Thai baht per rai per month according to standard compensation.

The plan is still under negotiation. The next meeting will be held with relevant Institutes such as the Thai Academy of Development Research and the Interior Ministry of Thailand on February 28, 2018. Result is expected within one month. He said that if this plan was implemented, the rubber farmers would have been able to collect more rubber in July, and the three months could also reduce the market by 200,000 tons of rubber and push up the rubber price.

Source: Reporter Zhong Tai 23/2/2018

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