Verifying names in urgent! Announcement of Co-operatives across the country who join the rubber road project of Local Administration


Bustled around: The Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT) moves forward at a full speed by incorporating lists of more than 300 Co-operatives and distributing them to Local Administrations across the country for choosing as convenient under the “Shopping for the Nation” campaign. The ROAT disclosed that purchasing for fresh latex must not be lower than the designated Reference Price announced on that day or can give a higher price without condition. Many provinces have already been implementing, for instant, Phuket province has a model to construct 21 routes of para rubber roads and to purchase fresh latex more than 541 tons.

Mr.Nakorn Tangavirapat – Deputy Governor of the Rubber Industry and Rubber Production of RAOT disclosed to “Thansettakit Newspaper” regarding One Village One Kilometer Project that the aim is to encourage Local Administration to use fresh latex to construct 75,032 kilometers Para Rubber Soil Cement Road in 75,032 villages across the country (1 kilometer per 1 village). This will allow the absorption of fresh latex from the market in large quantity and will stabilize rubber prices in the long run. The ROAT has already appointed the Steering Committee for One Village One Kilometer Project to create an action plan for Local Administration and the ROAT.

The project will be implemented by Local Administration. In accordance with the action plan for road improvement in the villages, fresh latex is used as composition for construction of 15 centimeters thickness and 6 meters width basic layer. We expect to increase the consumption of more rubber nationwide by using 1.4 million tons of fresh latex or proportion of 7.2 thousand tons of concentrated latex. The budject will be allocated from the accumulated fund of those Local Administrations.

The ROAT has recently distributed the list of Co-operatives to all 77 Local Administrations. As they already registered with the RAOT, the Local Administration can directly purchase fresh latex from more than 300 Co-operatives across the country. The Provincial Agricultural and Cooperatives Office and the RAOT (provincial branch) is facilitating the implementation in each province, however, the ROAT requests buyer to only purchase rubber from farmers/Farmer Institutions by referring to the Reference Price stipulated by the RAOT on that day which is actually higher than that of the Central Rubber Market. Nevertheless, the purchasing price may also higher than the designated Reference Price, if so desired.

Today (December 21, 2018), we received reports that many provinces have already started such as Phitsanulok Province, Roi-Et Province and Phuket Province. For example, Mr. Phakapong Tawipat – Deputy Governor of Phuket Province as Chairman of the administrative meeting along with Mr. Chalad Kaewkhow – Phuket Agricultural and Cooperatives Officer and Mr. Niran Tepparat – Director of the RAOT, Phuket province, were attending the 2nd Meeting to follow up on the progress of measures in promoting the use of rubber in government agencies with the view to supporting the government policy in solving the problem of slump in rubber price.

The Meeting noted that some Local Administrations already constructed 21 Para Asphaltic Concreted routes with the budget of greater than 62 million baht, using 169.02 tons of concentrated latex and 372,510 tons of fresh latex. The Meeting also requested Local Administrations to propose more construction of rubber road after this meeting. Furthermore, the Reference Price for constructing Para Rubber Soil Cement is distributed to Local Administrations for further perusal. This is one of the models that results in a concrete outcome and assures that every province shall accelerate the implementation.

Date published 27/12/2018     Translation courtesy of Thailand Office of Agricultural Affairs, Jakarta